1. Twitter Confirms Facebook Integration of Usernames, Hashtags, Photos

    Twitter has quietly tweaked the way usernames, hashtags, photos and more are cross-posted to Facebook.

    “The updated Twitter for Facebook integration now includes additional rich media experiences related to the first photo, URL, @mention or #hashtag in the cross-posted tweet,” Twitter spokesman Robert Weeks told Mashable on Thursday night. “This update is available for everyone.”

    Twitter‘s Help Center also notes the changes, which Weeks says rolled out at the end of May: “We have fixed many issues with the Twitter for Facebook integration, including the ability to post to Facebook Pages, and added some new features!”

    Users who don’t see the integration working can disconnect their Twitter and Facebook accounts in their Twitter profile settings and then reconnect their accounts in their Twitter profile settings.


  2. Why Facebook’s Tanking Today…

    The stock is falling! The stock is falling! If you stopped following the Facebook IPOcalypse on Friday, it might be time to pull up another chair.

    Facebook was never worth $104 billion. And the IPO was never about a stock price shooting into the stratosphere. There’s a reason nearly every significant early investor—including Mark Zuckerberg—sold of tens of millions of shares in the lead-up to Friday’s debut. It was easily the best price they were going to get for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, Facebook has an extra $16 billion in the bank. Win-win, assuming you were already a billionaire.

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  3. Social Network meets Spider-man 2012. "Reality" Movies your time has come.
Tired of your favorite character being wronged, now they get to come back and kick-butt!
    High Res

    Social Network meets Spider-man 2012. "Reality" Movies your time has come.

    Tired of your favorite character being wronged, now they get to come back and kick-butt!

  4. In Pinterest We Trust (From AdWeek)


    From AdWeek… Pinterest may be a social media newcomer, but, apparently, it’s already beating Twitter and Facebook when it comes to trust among women in the U.S.

    According to BlogHer’s annual study on women and social media, when asked whether they trusted different social media sources, 81 percent of women representing the general U.S. population said they trusted blogs and Pinterest, while 67 percent said they trusted Facebook and 73 percent said they trusted Twitter. (The questions were asked of those who indicated that they used each of the social media services.)

    The study also found that when asked if they’d ever made a purchase based on a recommendation from one of the various sources, 61 percent said they’d acted on a blog recommendation and 47 percent said they’d acted on one from Pinterest. Just 33 percent said the same about Facebook and 31 percent said that about Twitter.

  5. Facebook Developer Explains Company’s “1% Finished” Motto

  6. It’s a Facebook world, and we’re all just living in it.

    Research Brief published the news item, Face To Face With Ubiquity, on Monday citing some fairly staggering data points about Facebook:

    • Facebook.com captures one in every eleven Internet visits in the US.
    • 1 in every 5 page views occurs on Facebook.com.
    • The average visit time on Facebook.com is 20 minutes.
    • Facebook.com users are highly loyal to the website; 96% of visitors to Facebook.com were returning visitors in January 2012.
    • Facebook.com’s largest footprint is in Canada, capturing almost 12% of all visits in that market.
  7. Pinterest is a place where we can demonstrate: If it weren’t for all those mundane things that I do that I post on Facebook, this is what I would be doing and consuming. Here is my real self.
  8. The hollow emptiness in social media numbers - most accounts are fake or empty

    Summary: Increasing numbers of studies of social networks point to much smaller numbers of real and active users — sharply reducing the value of Facebook, Twitter, Google, and many other sites preparing an initial public offering. http://bit.ly/wpf3Mf


  9. Argyll and Bute Council suspend employee over ‘spy’ accounts

    It comes after communications chief Jo Smith reportedly told a conference she set up fake social media accounts to monitor what was being said about the council. The council insisted it did not condone the use of covert social media.

    If only she used a site like http://bit.ly/2QLVaT instead.

    - BBC

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  10. Facebook Friends You Can Lose